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BT Engineer London

All telephone problems can be easily rectified by our qualified specialists
0203 633 1131

  • Master telephone sockets moved
  • Phone wiring faults
  • Wires renewed.
  • Telephone wiring hidden
  • Noisy crackly line
  • Telephone extensions


BT Engineer London

Qualified WiFi engineers.
Poor WiFi in your house we can resolve it
0203 633 1131

  • WiFi - access points
  • Wireless surveys
  • Weak WiFi resolved
  • Residential and Business
  • WiFi qualified
  • Residential WiFi


Bt Engineer London

Broadband engineers
with certified test equipment
0203 633 1131

  • Emergency repairs
  • Broadband test equipment
  • Specific broadband diagnostics
  • Rectify slow speeds
  • Constant broadband disconnecting
  • Wiring health checks

Cat5e / Cat6

Bt Engineer London

Data cabling engineers
Xbox, PS4, TV, Computers
0203 633 1131

  • Cat5e / Cat6
  • Certified installers
  • Data points installed
  • Pc, laptop, gaming points
  • Single residential points
  • School and financial installs
Your local Ex BT engineer London
Qualified Professionals
An Ex BT engineer working in London
Qualified Professionals

London Telephone Engineer

An ex BT engineer London – Your local telephone engineer covering London areas.
Ring us now to enquire about any telephone, broadband or data issue.

Advice freely given, call us for any telecom problem

Qualified communication experts WiFi, Broadband, Telephone, Data Cabling.
Whether it’s a residential fault or a complete office installation

Telephone faults, Broadband speed issues, master sockets moved.
Specifically telephone and broadband specialists

0203 633 1131

Ex BT engineer London

A local ex BT engineer in London for all your communication needs
Our telephone services page shows a selection of jobs we cover:
New cabling
Master sockets moved
Crackling noisy telephone lines
Telephone Extensions fitted
Cat5e or Cat6 cabling installed
WiFi points installed
Broadband diagnostics
Telephone Systems
Broadband problems resolved
ex-BT telephone engineer London
Fast response and guaranteed workmanship

Ex BT Engineer

Welcome to London’s local Ex BT Engineer website.
An ex BT Engineer covering all areas of London, providing residential and business services.
A complete service for installation and rectification services:
Telephone, WiFi, Broadband Fibre Optics and Cat5e/Cat6 data cabling.
Your one-stop destination for all telephone, broadband and data needs.
Be it  new cabling installation or BT fault resolution.
If you need help in any way with your broadband, WiFi or telephone
or facing issues which require the attention of a London ex BT engineer, look no further.
No matter which provider you are with, your local London ex BT engineer
offers a variety of solutions at a fraction of the cost.

The only ex BT engineer you will ever need to hire in London.
Working according to the same quality standards set by industry-leading telephone and broadband service providers.
Whether you want to move a master BT socket, add extensions to an existing phone line,
investigate faults or slow speeds on your broadband cabling, complete telecom rewiring
or need help with Cat5e and Cat6 cables.
This site can provide you with all the telephone and broadband repair services, with a London telephone engineer.
Ex BT engineer London – Call now and book an appointment

BT Engineer London

Aspects of London

With 620 square miles, London is the biggest city in Britain. It was established as a Roman settlement, called Londinium, in 43 AD, almost 2000 years ago
Londinium occupied the area where the financial centre of London, often simply called "The City" or "The Square Mile," is now found.
Eventually it spread out and now includes 32 boroughs, 13 in "Inner London" and 19 in "Outer London." These include the City of Westminster with its many famous buildings such as the Houses of Parliament and Big BenLondon SW1A 0AA, Buckingham Palace Westminster, London SW1A 1AA.
London has had a few problems in its past, The Great Fire of London, London during the blitz, yet all overcome. The same goes for your broadband and telephone service, with Ex BT engineer London.
Don't suffer in silence, call us and let us help resolve any issues you may have.

London has a rich History

Just in front of the Tower of London is Tower Bridge in SE1 4TW (often mistaken for London Bridge). Tower Bridge is one of London’s most iconic landmarks and has sat astride the River Thames since 1894. A great historic building in London.
Another famous historic site in London is Westminster Abbey, located at 20 Deans Yd, Westminster, London SW1P 3PA Westminster Abbey is one of the most beautiful and impressive historic buildings in London. It’s been in the spotlight more recently as it was the site of Kate & Wills’ wedding in 2011.
Opened in 1871 the Royal Albert Hall, Kensington Gore, Kensington, London SW7 2AP One of the capital’s most prestigious historic buildings.