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 Telephone engineer Angel, Islingtons local telephone engineer is ready to provide a prompt,
quality service to business and residential customers.
Covering all of Islington and surrounding Angel areas.
Need an immediate response in a busy city to your telephone problems?
Angel telephone engineer is ready to act.

We are here to help you when no other telecommunication company can.
BT can’t help? Maybe we are able to!
Above all we are industry qualified telecommunication consultants.
Unlike other freelance ex BT employees

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A small piece about living in Angel

Islington, once a neglected inner city spot up until the 1980’s has grown into one of the most sought after postcodes
by both residents and visitors alike for its rich, upmarket and thriving culture.
Today, it is one of the capital’s most fashionable places to live with a mixture of bars, restaurants, shops and clubs
in the midst of breathtakingly beautiful 19th century terraces.

It has been the home to Arsenal FC for a 100 years.
Before Arsenal arrived in Islington in 1913, the former stadium ‘Highbury’ was the grounds for a non-conformists priests training college.
The present ground ‘The Emirates’ where the team plays now was a rubbish processing plant and industrial estate.

The King’s Head Theatre and Pub in Islington is the first pub theatre founded in England.
It has been in existence since the days of Shakespeare.

Islington was the very first London Borough to receive fresh water via a forty mile canal from Hertfordshire
to the New River Head reservoir in Amwell Street in Clerkenwell.
The reservoir supplied London with fresh water until 1990 when the Metropolitan Water Board replaced it with deep mains.
You can still view part of the river from Canonbury Road where it has been converted into an ornamental walk.