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    This makes so much sense. Thanks for the write up. It puts it all into perspective. A master BT socket is really a piece of wire with a box on the end. I have since moved mine and couldn’t be happier. The original must have been installed 30 years ago and was completely in the wrong place. Thanks again.

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      Hi, 30 years ago broadband wasn’t about, Im sure it was time for an update. Im glad it helped. Bob

  2. I read some comments online regarding this scenario, my master socket was installed by BT a few weeks back, so many said “it’s illegal to touch it”. I cannot believe people listen to such rubbish. Anyway the workmanship by Openreach was so terrible I had no choice other than to do it myself. Great write up.

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      Theres nothing worst than seeing wires on show when they can be easily hidden. Best of luck. Bob

  3. I need to move my master socket (now on windowsill). But the outside supply cable is not long enough to move socket near to skirting. How can I use a new continuous longer length of supply cable?

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      You would need to get some external grade telephone cabling & a waterproof joint to extend it.
      Better than that if you’re London or Essex bound, give us a call.
      Thanks Bob.

      1. I’d like to move my master socket.
        But I don’t know which type of cable to use.
        On the BT side of the socket they just use a 2 core. (2 pair)

        I’ve been told if using something like a cat5 cable, the extra core will either act as an aerial or offer an impedance either of which will slow down my broadband.

        I’m thinking about using a cat5 but ‘commoning’ 2 pairs as one core and the other 2 pairs as the other core – unless someone can suggest a suitable cable that’s available to me?

        As a general principle, is it better to use a solid core or a stranded core like with an alarm cable?

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          Hi Colin – The extra wiring in any communication wiring will not cause a problem if unconnected. Who told you this, I doubt it was an experienced installer.
          You don’t say to what type of socket you will be attaching the wiring to. That’s the only time a possible impedance loop can occur. If you use incorrect sockets with the no3 wire connected. (It’s a rare situation)
          Use a Cat5 or CW1308, dont “common” the pairs….Why?? That’s not what it’s designed to do.
          Do not use a stranded cable, commonly used by amateur installers, electricians & builders.
          This cable is not correct & will give you the worst connection possible.
          Always use a solid core.

    2. Hi I live in a mobile home,my socket was attached 25 or 30 years ago. The mobile home is now getting demolished. I’m not sure what to look for in home concerning the main BT switch. Also BT got to expensive for me,so I moved to talk talk for my internet. WHO do I contact for help BT or talk talk…..I’m not giving up my internet. Just wanting it out of my property before it’s demolished,then hopefully back in to my new mobile home…can a good electrician move the socket…if I find it….

      1. Author

        Why would you use an amatuer? An electrician does electrics – Find a professional telephone engineer. They have the skills to do this job.

  4. Hi Bob, my master socket is in the hallway & I also have an extension socket behind my TV but when i connect my router to it, it doesn’t work. Can you kindly advise.

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      Thanks for your enquiry. You may have an SSFP socket in the hallway (Service specific Front Plate). It’s a socket that stops the broadband from continuing down the line. Email a pic of the hallway socket & I can advise. Best regards.

  5. I want to drill a hole for curtains but my master socket is in the way.
    It’s an NTE5c Mk4 and I need to drill about a foot above it.
    Does the wiring in wall run down to the ground or up through the ceiling?

    1. Author

      Hi, sorry I would have no way of knowing how the original cable was put in.
      It could go either way. When installing a BT master socket to your premise you can generally see the cabling come from outside to in.
      If you have a “new build” then generally an electrician or builder will run the cabling of which becomes your property.
      If it is fitted into the wall, you could undo the retaining screws of the telephone socket and see which way the cables run.
      Thanks for your enquiry.

  6. If I am wanting to move my master socket who do I use would it be an electrician? Or someone more specific to phone lines etc? Thank you in advance.

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      Hi Leanne – Why would you use an electrician?? Would you use a gardener makes as much sense?
      Always use the skilled trade:
      A telephone engineer will be able to test your connection on completion. A telephone engineer will have the correct tools.
      A telephone engineer will know how to correct any related broadband problems to give you the best speeds possible.

      An electrician does electrics not communications.

  7. Thanks for a good and honest post Bob. Our master socket is near window sill in the corner of the house and also extended internally to a tv connection point. Now while both are in living room, we struggle with wifi signal at fsr corners of the house. So ideal place would be near entrance porch to put a router, as its in center of the house. The best way to do this would be to extend the wire externally and move the socket. So hopfully entire house gets enough signal. Please advice.

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      Hi Sid: All housing construction is different, thicker walls, foiled insulation etc.- Wifi signals in general, if sent from a central point in the building are transmitted more efficiently around the area. Saying that though, it will depend on the size of your property.
      Wifi isn’t infinite – It has a send & receive range.
      Yes is the answer to your question: At the incoming point of the BT wire, install a new comms wire to the new location.
      If the wire is to be used externally get an external grade wire.

  8. Hi, my original socket was in my hallway & when I went with BT a few years ago they suggested I use the socket in my bedroom as the main socket, as at the time my PC was in the bedroom. Since then I have left BT and want my socket in the hallway to be the master. Everything we use that needs WiFi is downstairs.
    When I asked a Sky employee about this he said “BT had done something to my socket and I’d have to stick with using the one upstairs.
    This causes issues when we all need the internet at the same time.
    Can you please advise?

    Many thanks Alison

    1. Author

      Hi Alison – This can be easily rectified. The Sky employee is not a telephone engineer.
      Any local Ex-BT engineer would be able to do this for you quite easily.
      Have you tried finding a local ex BT engineer? What area are you in?

      Try here: http://ex-btengineer.co.uk/

      Lets get it sorted for you – If you need any assistance in finding someone, let know via email: btengineerlondon@gmail.com

  9. Hi,

    Have recently been discussing the possibility of moving (or at least duplicating) my NTE5C Master socket which is currently in a small room at the front of my property. I want to have it in the lounge where it would be more accessible and central. My first inclination was to purchase a new NTE5C with VDSL MK4 and a VDSL MK4 for the original MS. I intended to connect a CW1308 cable to the A&B on the original Master socket replacement faceplate and run it to my lounge. At that point, I intended to connect the CW1308 to the ‘service’ side of the relocated NTE5C and then plugging in the VDSL MK4 faceplate. However, I have been told that this would create a dual filter scenario and would stop my signal as the A&B connection on the VDSL faceplate at the original site is filtered. Is this correct? Would I not be able to relocate in this manner?

    Many thanks. John.

    1. Author

      Hi John
      Yes – you will be filtering a filter.
      For the correct functionality of your service you must have a direct, main feed to a master socket at connections A & B.
      This, I assume will now be, the routers new position, fitting the Mk4, (dual faceplate). At this Socket the service will be split, Bbnd one side & dial tone the other.
      Using the extension outlets inside the Mk4 socket, dial tone can then be extended on CW1308 using terminals 2 & 5.
      If you are going to feed another master socket from this point (Not a Mk4 dual plate, no need as there will be no Bbnd to deal with) – only use 2&5. Should it feed a slave socket use 2,5 & 3.

      If you need someone local to your area for a visit: Use http://www.ex-btengineer.co.uk to see if they can help.

      Thank you

      1. Hi,

        Many thanks for your prompt response. So, in a nutshell, I cannot do what I intended, link one NTE5C to another NTE5C via the A&B terminals. So, what would the situation be if I removed the existing NTE5C, and;

        1. Replaced it with a BT80A; then
        2. Run the cable, I assume I would need specific cable rather than CW1308 – please advise, up into the loft and down into the lounge; then
        3. Connect the cable to the A&B terminals on the back of the NTE5C; then
        4. Insert the VDSL MK4.

        Would this work, and what consequences would I face from Openreach should they ever come out to check the installation for any faults?

        Your help is much appreciated as currently the location of the Master socket is in a small room at the front and I have to run power leads from one side of the room to the router and cordless base station. Consequently these power leads cross the doorway which is dangerous for my wife who is blind and continually trips over them.


  10. Is it possible to remove the BT wiring & socket completely?
    I haven’t used BT for over 10 years and the socket is on my front window sill.
    I am just about to have new windows and the room plastered and would like to just remove the socket as I have no need for it .

    Can I do this?

    1. Author

      If you have no contract with any supplier using the BT network, there is nothing stopping you from removing any unwanted equipment.
      It’s your house – Not theirs.
      If you want a new connection sometime in the future, a provider will fit you a new line & socket when required.
      Some may have a free connection offer – Some may have a fitting charge.

  11. When I’ve had a porch added to my house the builder noted that the cable running down from the eaves had perished (which would explain some intermittent issues we’ve had over the years), but when Openreach came out to replace the cable for a small fee they noted that because the porch stops them simply going up a ladder we would have to pay substantially more to move the overhead wire.
    Is this correct? Or can my builder rewire from the box at the eaves down to the master socket??
    Thanks very much

    1. Author

      Yes you can repair yourself.
      Any BT telephone wire on your property can be changed quite easily.
      As long as you use an external grade telephone wire, it should be quite an easy replacement.
      Thanks for your enquiry.

  12. Hi,
    We currently have our master socket in the lounge in a position which leaves the hub either behind the sofa, or plugs and wiring on display. Can we have the wiring diverted externally and relocate the hub in
    a bedroom. This is probably more central in the house so I wouldn’t think it would effect the Wi-Fi signal much.

    1. Author

      Hi Dan yes you can.
      The BT telephone wire that connects to your property can quite easily be shifted to suit you.
      The new BT telephone wiring can be run externally to a new location & fitted where you want it.


  13. My master socket is behind the tv in the living room. The tv is now mounted in the wall which exposes the sockets below, one being the master socket. I want to fit a floating tv unit to the wall to hide the sockets but the master socket is above the rest.

    How would I move the socket 4” down and 4” to the right? This will be the other side of a wooden wall stud and this is an internal wall in a new build house


    1. Author

      Hi Scott – Seeing a picture would make your question a little easier to answer. – Please email to: btengineeerlondon@gmail.com
      You would just need to extend the wiring from point A to point B – I dont think that’s the answer you’re looking for, so as I say, a pic can speak a 1000 words.

      1. Thank you for the speedy response. There was just enough wiring to reach to point B. I just drilled a hole in the stud and poked it through.
        Thanks again


  14. I have a few extra telephone ports coming off of the main line but would like to relocate the master and remove the additional boxes. How do I wire the master box in order to ensure I do a competent job when relocating it?

    1. Author

      Hi Jake – There are various YouTube videos to search for this telephone wiring enquiry.
      Without being at your premise I couldn’t give you an exact step by step scenario I’m afraid.

    2. Hi, I have an old junction box which the incoming orange and white cable feeds into. It sits just above the master socket.
      From the old junction box I can feed into the master socket.
      The old junction box is unsightly. I have no use for extensions to other parts of the house.
      Am I right in thinking I can just rewire the orange and white direct into the BT telephone socket connectors then get rid of the old junction box?

      1. Author

        Hi Jake – Yes the BT master socket can be wired directly onto the feed colours as described.

        1. I have a similar situation with the orange and white cables and want to remove the junction box – which colour feeds into the A socket and which to the B if I fit a new NTE5C master socket?
          Many thanks

          1. Author

            Hi Neil – The BT landline telephone sockets (Not telephone systems) for the UK, the A & B are not polarity conscious. They can go into either connection.

  15. My wire coming from the BT junction box between me and my neighbour is old and has a cracked sheath in many places which is letting in water when it rains . I’ve used pvc tape to patch the cracks up and prevent water ingress. Would this be open reach or BT’s issue as it’s the main wire to my master socket.

    The connection works ok, but I fear that more water will enter my socket

    1. Author

      Hi Graeme – Thanks for your enquiry.
      It would appear you have the wrong grade of cable installed at your premise. An external grade cable would not split or corrode.
      Eventually the cable will deteriorate & I expect your telephone line would suffer crackling & general interference + broadband dropouts.
      If it is the cable that feeds your house from the DP or pole, then “Yes” your service provider would be responsible for it.
      Although you will not get a site callout for an “upkeep / maintenance” issue.
      The only time someone would come out from your SP: would be to fix a fault, that has stopped your service from working.
      Sometimes, we have found, they will charge, even though you are not directly responsible, it puts you in the situation of trying to claim back for works under their guarantee of service.

  16. Hello,
    Do you have an email address I could contact you on?

    Thank you,

  17. Hi

    I have my telephone wires going into my house(2 joining the house wires) I wish to branch off these at that point is that possible? The 2 wires go to my mastersocket inside my house.

    1. Author

      For the best efficiency of any telephone / broadband service – You never want to “tee” into the cabling & make it “star wired”.
      It should always run from the master to the extension socket. Unless of course you are doing away with the original master & making your new wiring the master feed cable.

    2. Hi
      The incoming phone line master socket in our property comes into an upstairs bedroom directly from the telegraph pole.
      The previous occupant was severely disabled and it was put there for him.

      We want our master socket to be moved downstairs to plug our Broadband router into. How can we get round this without using a 35meter adsl extension lead as we are having to do at present, which results in a poor signal

      Ideally I suppose we need a new line putting in, but BT want to charge £140 to do it, and that’s an expense we can well do without.

      As we are about to change our existing Broadband provider, would the new supplier put a new line in at a more realistic cost.

      Thank you.

  18. I need to move my socket 6 inches to create a door opening. If I disconnect the incoming cables to my socket will that cause any problems with connectivity

    1. Author

      Hi John – If you disconnect the incoming cables to the BT telephone socket – It will not work.
      If you mean “disconnect the cables” – Then “reconnect” them because you want to move it to a different location,this should be ok & you will only lose service whilst the wires are disconnected.

  19. I want to move my main line, tv company said I’d need to ask bt to do this … I’m guessing from this thread that I can move it but I’m happy for bt to move it… roughly how much do they charge, literally it’s from one side of the bay window to the other( where sockets are!)

    1. Author

      Hi – I have no idea of the charges Openreach set. Usually they’re quite expensive compared to a self employed tech.
      I do know that they dont hide the cables. They clip them visibly on show and don’t make a neat job most of the time.
      (Also – there’s no come back if you’re not happy – You have to explain yourself to a call centre)
      If you use a local telephone engineer, you’ll definitely get a better price & someone who cares about the task at hand.
      Take a look on http://www.ex-btengineer.co.uk for a local specialist.

  20. I will be having full fibre line installed in my house.
    I want Openreach to follow the same path of my existing copper line which goes along the eaves and then continues to the side eaves of the house with entry into the back of the attic where router is located.
    There is no drop to the bottom of the house at all.
    I doubt Openreach will follow this path – Might they ask me to relocate the router to front of house for an easier install?
    Would a local telephone engineer be more accommodating?

    1. Author

      Hi Hamish
      The fibre being installed is unlike a copper cable connection, with copper you can cut it and rejoin it in several places.
      This fibre optic installation has to be one continuous length and no joins are permitted within its length.
      I expect your estimation, of the way Openreach installs, is correct.
      I doubt very much they are going to try and accommodate an “eaves” entry service to the rear of the house.
      All I can advise is that you get the path to where you want it, as safe and accessible as possible.
      Maybe even offering to put the “fibre tubing” in place yourself, if they don’t want to help get it where you want it to go.

      Your question of “would a local telephone engineer help” is out of remit for this situation.

      If the fibre service ends up going to an easier “installation” area – Then a local guy could help, by installing an ethernet link to where you need the service to go.

  21. Hi, my BT master socket is in the hall and I want to move it to the other side of the same wall partition, in the living room, so effectively only moving it a few inches. I’d also like to swap the master socket to a silver one (which I’ve bought)

    Is this just a simple case of checking the colours of the wires coming into the current socket, installing the new socket in the wall and popping the wires back in the same numbers? Will I get a shock from the wires at all?

    1. Author

      Hi “yes” just put the colours back like for like.
      It’s a 50V DC battery feeding the circuit – No, you don’t get a shock under normal conditions.
      Although if someone rings the line, whilst touching the bare wires, you can get a…”kick” from it.

      If you are actually moving the master point – Be aware that you will not have a genuine test socket fitted now.
      Should a telephone fault occur, you put yourself in line for possible charges from your provider.

  22. Hi, I don’t have a BT phone line in my house but would like to have one added.
    I’m in the middle of a major refurbishment, so currently have all walls and ceilings down with only stud walls on show.
    I would like to have the master socket in a particular room and would like to have the wiring done while all the walls are out so none of it will be on show, but as the work won’t be finished for another couple of months I don’t want to sign up to a broadband package just now to get the line installed.
    Is it possible for my electrician to run the wire needed for the line from where we expect it to enter the house to where the socket is needed just for the engineer to connect up the two ends when we book an installation?
    I would hate to have all this work done and then have an engineer come and drill through door frames or have wires on show!
    Thanks in advance for your advice.

    1. Author

      Hi Louise – Yes exactly as you said.
      If a wire is put in place to where you want it to go, when completed the connection can be made on this cable.
      Good planning will get you what you want & not what you will be given by an Openreach tech.

  23. My house BT wire was installed at least 30 years ago it’s a total eyesore.
    It starts in my bathroom, goes all the way down my hall, around my front door, back up the hall on the other side and halfway round my living room – what can be done to fix this please.

    1. Author

      Hi Sandra – If you are local to me give us a call & we will rectify the situation.
      Alternatively – look on http://www.ex-btengineer.co.uk for a local specialist who will easily tidy up the wiring for you.

  24. Hi, we have an overhead telephone cable that is attached to the first floor external wall via junction box and ran externally to ground floor before coming internally into a master socket in the hallway.

    We have just built an extension and intend to move the master socket to the utility on the opposite side of the house. This could be run in the eaves.

    What cable do we need to take the telephone line from the external junction box, internally through the eaves to the utility to mount the master socket? Will we lose any quality?

    Grateful for your help!

    1. Author

      Hi if you can use 3 pair CW1308, that would be the the approved cable. Although a cat5 cable would be just as good to use.
      No you would not lose any quality to the service, so long as you get the correct materials.
      Simply run from point A through to point B & reconnect.

  25. Hello, My BT landline suddenly went dead at the end of July. I called in a BT engineer who found there was a fault with the line socket in my living room …??? This is also the room where my router used to be. The master socket is in one of the bedrooms, as is phone handset, No.1 … only it’s unusable! So the Open Reach engineer disconnected my living room socket and moved my router into the bedroom! Now, my internet connection comes and goes at will, and my web pages load (or not) at random! I want my router back in my living room by my laptop which I’ve always connected with an ethernet cable. Never any problems! This new setup has even interfered with catch-up TV; I cannot watch anything without constant ‘buffering’! Looks like I need your help but have no idea of the costs. All I want is my router back where it was and landline handset No.1 which will actually work without the constant distortion and crackling noise. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Author

      Hi Thanks for getting in touch – You have not given any location of where you are or contact details.
      If you want my help & are local, please call me to rectify your situation.
      If you are somewhere else in the UK – Please use http://www.ex-btengineer.co.uk to find a local specialist for this.

      1. Hi, Sorry for not giving enough details! I’m in NW London and I’ll telephone you with the rest of what you need to know. If you can help my situation, I’d be in 7th heaven. Many thanks, Mo

  26. I would like to move my BT telephone socket to the other side of my room.
    Will they leave the old socket where it is? To avoid an eyesore on the wall.

    1. Author

      Hi Enid – Who? – Will “who” leave the socket there?
      If you want the socket left there, it is no problem to do so.
      It will not affect the new wiring or new socket being fitted.

  27. Quick question, and apologies if this has been answered before.
    We have a BT openreach socket and line coming into our flat (drilled through the top of our front door and snaking around the flat…)
    We have no use for this as don’t have a landline phone, and have community fibre for our internet.
    My question is since we don’t need it, can we just cut this phone wire (e.g. outside the front door somewhere) and remove it from inside the flat?
    Am I right in thinking this would be safe to do?

    1. Author

      Hi – Yes it can all be removed.
      Your living space does not have to show a BT piece of wire, especially if you’re not a client using their network.

  28. Will there be any safety issue with just cutting through the wire to remove it?

    1. Author

      It’s a 50v DC battery that supplies the circuit.

      I would assume: it’s long been disconnected now , as you don’t have a contract in place on the wiring.

      The decision under “safety terms” is something I cannot advise you on & be liable for.

      I cut BT telecoms wiring on a daily basis as it’s part of what I do with the correct tools.

  29. The underground duct for the telephone line enters the house next to my front porch.
    I am doing a renovation by extending the front porch, therefore I need to move the duct and also the master socket.
    How much would this cost approximately?

    Openreach are asking for about £300 just to come and have a look.
    Therefore I don’t have any idea of what it could end up costing before I commit to £300

    1. Author

      This is an easy scenario for a comms engineer Tony.
      I suggest not “wasting” £300 & have look for an ex BT engineer – http://www.ex-btengineer.co.uk
      Where are you?
      Drop me a message & I will see who is nearest & can have a look for free.

  30. Hi,
    Our master socket isnt in the best location, we do have a number of pre-installed extension sockets that carry phone signal at the moment. Is it possible to convert one of these into the master socket?

    1. Author

      Hi Phil – Yes it is possible to connect the wiring in such a way that no more cables need to be run.
      You can then put your master socket in the correct place for you.

      1. Is this something I should be able to do myself?

        1. Hey got the same question here, how did you manage to sort it? Thank you

          1. Author

            Hi – It is possible to configure your wiring in such a way, as to make your master socket where you want it.
            It’s not an easy thing to explain in words.
            As long as the wiring going to the master position are not impeded/interrupted by other connections.
            You would have a signal that comes into the property from your provider, connected to your wiring & feeding straight through to your master position, without any other sockets before this connection.
            A professional telephone engineer would have the correct tools & terminations to do this very easily.

    2. Hi, I am currently renovating my house and have the Master socket in the hallway under a window, away from any power sockets.
      I would like to move it to the living room and run a secondary to the other end of the living room (for future work).

      1.Can I get a more modern type of BT telephone socket fit myself?

      2. I’ve read I’m allowed to move where it connects to the property. I would like to move it to the other corner so it can run straight down and in through the brick work instead of around the house.
      It will not be crossing any roads ect as the post is almost directly outside (height will be the same) is this okay providing its fitted correctly again?

      3.Does the Router/WiFi hub have to run off the Master or can it run off the secondary? The secondary will be towards the rear of the property to give the garden a better coverage of WiFi! Thank you for any assistance 🙂

      1. Author

        Hi Phil
        1. Yes, search these terms – (BT Openreach Telephone Master Socket NTE5c VDSL/ADSL Faceplate MK4)
        2. Again yes, use the correct jelly crimp connections, NOT electrical blocks.
        3. Preferably you want to use the master socket as the router connection & in conjunction with the socket listed above.
        (Although if you search BT Openreach Telephone Master Socket NTE5c MK2 – Only has 1 BT socket on the face) you can use the router at either location.

        1. Thank you for your reply!!

          I have sourced a Mk4 Master and now also have a Master and Secondary from Screwfix.

          I noticed the MK4 has 2 sets of B A connections (one set on the face and one set on the base) am I right in thinking if the BT cable is connected to the B A connections on the base, when the face is plugged in the B A connections on the face become live.?
          so can I then take a wire out of the B A connections on the face to a secondary just for the router or run a wire from the 532 connections to the Screwfix secondary or the Screwfix Master (not sure is this is filtered also).

          Thanks again! Ryan

          1. Author

            Hi Ryan – No
            The connections to feed the socket from the main BT cable are placed at the rear side, in the top corner. This has 2 holes in it.

            The connection on the front of the same socket in question, has another clip with 3 holes in it.
            This is for the extension.
            Outer holes are the dial tone A&B. The middle one is for a bell circuit. (don’t use the middle one if you’re using a master for the extension).

  31. Have a master socket in the living room and an extension from it to a comms room.
    I’m losing 20mb in speed using the extension.
    If I was to relocate the master socket to the desired position – would that solve me speed loss?

    1. Author

      Hi Jonathon – The likely answer is yes.
      It can depend on the wiring you are using as the “feed” to the socket in question.
      If you are using a cheap ribbon style B&Q lead, it will make things worst, but a quality CW1308 or cat5 cable would sufffice.

  32. My Master socket is over the front door and very old.
    The wiring system is a mystery to me and the Openreach engineer.
    They have installed a new socket, on the window sill but it’s all a bit of a mess.
    I would to have the whole thing looked at and sorted. Help.

  33. Hi we don’t have a master socket, I think it was removed by builders years ago, and just have a phone socket with only 2 cables in it. We are trying to set up new broadband, as we’ve changed to a new supplier today but it’s not working and I wonder if we are to buy a BT master socket as I’ve seen you mentioned would that fix the issue or is it that the cables aren’t right coming into the house?

    1. Author

      Hi – If you have dial tone on a pair of these wires, then connect this wiring to the new master socket you have bought.
      The other cable needs to be connected as an extension from the master point.
      I cannot tell you whether it will work or not as I would need to use my test equipment to prove anything.
      You may have not been connected in the exchange?
      You may have a line fault?
      All going well though, the live wires into the new master socket should get you where you need to be.

  34. Hi. I live in a fairly new build house and the current installation has the NTE5 with a xDSL Mk4 faceplate installe.
    There is 1 internal wiring hop from where the actual BT line comes in (i.e. there is an extension socket before the master socket).
    I plan on moving the master socket to where this extension is.
    Also, the internal wiring is Cat6 so I want to use the Cat6 for point-to-point ethernet by changing the connector faceplates.
    Do I need to retain the BT NTE5c or can I replace it with a master socket euro-module so I can add an RJ45 alongside in the same back-box as the master socket?

    1. Author

      If the wiring is as you describe – Then yes you can move the Master socket.
      If you want to you can change it for a euromod, (wouldn’t advise this) Yes, it will work.

  35. Can I have two master socket as Wi-fi very weak from smart hub 2 and old hub 6
    Waiting for BT Tec to come check it out

    1. Author

      Hi – No you can only use one broadband router on a telephone line.
      Trying to plug in 2 devices to pick up the broadband signal will only render your service unusable.

  36. Can I buy the cable and up to date box from yourself?

    1. Author

      Sorry – No, not at this present time.

  37. Hi, my master socket is halfway down my hallway and I want to move it closer to the front door. I need to cut the BT wire going into the NTE, strip the wire and reconnect the same wires to the same terminals in the relocated NTE.

    I understand the wire will be live (low voltage and current so nothing to worry about to me). Obviously there will be a short when I cut. Could this damage any BT equipment(XDSL green box etc.)?

    1. Author

      Hi – It’s only a 50v battery. So although it’s live, it’s not the same as talking about home electrics. It will not hurt you.
      No – making a short will make no difference at all.

  38. Hi there…my master bt socket for the telephone is upstairs…i have an inactive socket downstairs…i would like a phone downstairs….so i do not have to go upstairs to answer the phone…..what sort of cost?…thank you

    1. Author

      Hi Kurt – I have no idea where you are?

  39. Hello, the main socket in our house is in the middle of the hallway, under the stairs. There is no external cable to the outside of the property. Does this indicate that the wires must be underground? Is it possible to ask Openreach to install a new line into the attic so that broadband can be Hardwired in rooms where we would like it rather than using wifi which is patchy?

    1. Author

      Yes the wires could well be an underground feed to your property.
      I don’t think Openreach have the skills to do this type of work.
      Use a local ex-BT engineer.
      Try http://www.ex-btengineer.co.uk for a local specialist.

  40. Hi, I just had a line installed but the engineer wouldn’t go into the side of the house even though it’s like that on my neighbours (identical) house.
    Instead they have come round the front and near my door.
    I would like to drill a hole in the side and then relocate the cable. It looks like the engineer has used a junction box where the line comes in with jelly crimps inside. There is then Cw1308 cable along the skirting to the master socket.

    Should I just get some new jelly crimps – is it worth changing the junction box to something different?

    1. Author

      Hi Joe – replace the cable all the way to the socket if possible & have no internal wiring on show.
      Yes jelly crimp connectors will be fine.

      1. Thanks, is it ok to go straight from the black wire to the master socket then (taking out the junction box and the white cable between the junction box and master socket)

        Also should I get a mk4 VDSL faceplate? I don’t like the filter dangling there and less interconnections sounds better but some people are saying the mk4 vdsl is poorly built.

        1. Author

          Yes – the Incoming wire connects to the new wire & feeds the master socket directly.
          Yes – the Mk4 isn’t great – But much better than using a filter.

          1. Hi,

            I relocated the cable some months back but have been doing over renovation works. It all works fine connected up to the mk4 faceplate.

            The dropwire now comes in the side of the house into a small closed off area 1m x 1m. Unfortuately the cables for my telephone extensions are on the opposite side of the cupboard so the master socket really needs to go there.

            I was planning on taking the dropwire across the ceiling or along the corners and then down the wall where I need it (stillhave lots of slack), but the bend radius of the dropwire is not good so I wouldn’t be able to hide it well.

            Should I just clip to the ceiling / wall anyway (obviously it won’t be as tight/neat due to the bend radius) or should I re-use the junction box where it comes through the wall and then just use cw1308 internally (which can be clipped right into the corners)

            Apologies I am probably overthinking this but just want it done the “correct” way.

  41. Hi I want to replace the incoming bt cable from the junction fitted outside to the roof fascia as it’s over 25 years old ( like a shotgun cable grey in colour and flat ) and I think I’ll get a better internet connection with new . The question is at present they’re connected with crimped connectors in a small box what’s the best way to make that connection with the new cable and do I cut the existing connectors out or leave them and just cut the grey shotgun cable back and make the connection there
    Cheers in advance

    1. Author

      Hi Paul – replace the cable with a quality external grade cable.
      Then replace & reconnect like for like, using a “jelly crimp” connector.
      DO NOT use an electrical block or similar.

  42. I have a socket on my windowsill and just want it moved below so it’s hidden in a cupboard and then an extension wire behind the skirting boards to the other side of the room. Is this something you can quote please? Thank you.

    1. Author

      Yes of course – Please give us a call.
      We can move all telephone sockets to where you want them.

  43. Hi,

    My phone line comes to my property underground, emerges by the front door, and then comes up the wall a couple of feet covered in a grey sheathing. The Master socket is in the living room, just inside the front door.

    I live in a 3 story house and my Broadband router is on the middle floor in the center of the building. It is plugged into the furthest extension from the Master. I find I have good coverage throughout the house, but am looking to upgrade my Broadband speed, which is quite basic and thought I’d make sure that I’ve got the best signal to accommodate this.

    I was therefore thinking about moving the Master socket to the center of the property. My thoughts were to run a new CW1308 cable from where the line comes into the house to the new location. The old line would be disconnected at this point allowing the signal to reach the new Master location without any other extensions or breaks.

    I would then have to run a new cable from the new Master to the closest extension and then back feed the existing extensions changing what was the first socket (Master) to an extension.

    Will this work please, or is there a better way?

    1. Author

      To get the best from your broadband service – Yes, the master socket should be the first point of call.
      If you can run a cable to the area you want & then use the existing cabling as the extensions, it will be perfect.

  44. Hi
    I have a 1930s property where the incoming drop wire consists of two black wires which run through an ugly black bakelite box in the hallway before the NTE.
    Each wire connects to one of two brass strips before connecting to the orange/blue cores leading to the NTE.
    This box also has a separate terminal connected to an unsheathed steel wire which runs to the gas meter housing outside the house.

    I would like to move my NTE, is it still necessary to keep this black box and associated steel wire installed or can I wire the black drop wire directly to the NTE and get rid of this eyesore.


    1. Author

      Hi Neil – The whole thing as described is completely obsolete now.
      If you are sure of the “feed” wires: Yes – remove the black connection unit & connect your new wiring to the incoming pair, supplying your newly positioned socket.

  45. Bob – can I hire you to come and sort out this job for me, please?

    1. Author

      Hi Jo – Best to call me please.

  46. Hi, currently not with BT (or any other provider using the BT line) and will have extensive work done to outside of the house. Phone line from outside connection on house (underground from boundary) to where it enters my flat on first floor is very dodgy and goes across the whole width of house. Would rather have it enter where the Virgin cable and my sat dish enters. Can the builders simply remove the old cable for now?

    1. Author

      Yes the old cable can be removed & replaced at a later date.

  47. Hi, I’m after a little advice if possible.
    I have a summer house in my garden which I’m converting to an office, I have had the BT engineer out to look at a new line and they said they cant do it because of height restrictions. They said I could have it located in a spare bedroom in my house then possibly run a extension cable from the master socket the length of my garden?
    I was wondering if this would work?
    If this is possible would this provide me with a phone line & internet in the summer house.
    Thank You for your time.

    1. Author

      This can be easily achieved. It’s best to call me please.

  48. Hi Bob
    Nice article.
    My phone cable is coming underground and there is a grey junction box on the outside of the wall. On the back of this wall, I have the master socket inside the house. As I am getting an extension carried out, this wall will be removed which means that I need to relocate the grey box and the master socket. My questions are: do I need to engage BT Open Reach or can I ask someone else to do this? What kind of cable I need to extend the incoming cable? What kind of junction box I would need to connect the cable.

    If it helps, I can send pics via email.

    Appreciate your time and help.

    1. Author

      Sorry for the slow reply – Any local telephone engineer would be able to do this for you.

  49. Hi. Are the terminals A and B polarity- conscious?

    1. Author

      No – Not a requirement in todays world of BT wiring.

  50. Hello,
    I need to remove an Open reach socket that SSE engineer installed to my old house claiming the existing socket was not working. I ve moved out of that property and the landlord is now holding my deposit due to unauthorised installation and a change of structure of the property, as they drilled two holes in the wall. Would SSE engineers come and un install it? Will I have to cover for the works? Is it expensive?
    Many thanks

    1. Author

      Hi – I am sorry the legal stance of the telephone engineering works you have had completed are not part of anything I can help with.
      If it was Openreach that visited, they’re not engineers – They’re employees.
      So I can only guide you that you may need someone skilled in building maintenance to repair any damage done by the telephone company employees.
      Where in the UK are you?

      1. My master socket seems to come through my upstairs window. How damaging would it be to drill through the upstairs outside wall to feed the cable through? The master socket needs to be positioned in the upstairs landing so about 5 meters distance but maybe 20 metres if run on the wall. How best do we hide the cable? I’m doing decoration so can drill a channel in the wall. I’m in east London – does your team cover? Are they a total professional?

        1. Author

          Hi Tony – This is a straightforward task for one of the team. Moving a BT master socket, is the work we complete every day.
          Yes our workmanship is very professional & we do not install with the techniques you’re experiencing from BT.
          Give us a call 0203 633 1131

  51. I had an Openreach installed a couple of years ago and I didn’t realise they would be running a cable from the pole to my facade, and into the ground floor. This year I’m having external wall insulation fitted and the facade re-rendered, so need to have the cable moved temporarily. When I asked the original engineer he said that I would need to call them back to move it.
    Now the Openreach website says that they charge for callouts like this. I would never have had it installed if I knew that was the case. Am I allowed to have my builder gently take it off the wall, and replace it once the works are complete?

    1. Author

      Yes – As long as the person doing it id competent at removing the wiring it’s ok.
      You own the wiring once it crosses your boundary.

  52. Hi
    We have just had Sky FTTP fitted and now the landline goes through the router. Being an old house we have BT and NTL boxes dotted around with cables like no other. Can we rip all of these out as they are not used anymore? I did ask the Sky Technician but they said it is not their property to advise. We have the master and about 6 other boxes around the house. If OK to remove, should I send them to BT via post?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Author

      Hi – If you are not using a landline set up anymore & You are sure the cabling is redundant – Then yes they are now useless.
      No one is interested in what you do with the old equipment – It is now scrap.

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