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    This makes so much sense. Thanks for the write up. It puts it all into perspective. A master BT socket is really a piece of wire with a box on the end. I have since moved mine and couldn’t be happier. The original must have been installed 30 years ago and was completely in the wrong place. Thanks again.

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      Hi, 30 years ago broadband wasn’t about, Im sure it was time for an update. Im glad it helped. Bob

  2. I read some comments online regarding this scenario, my master socket was installed by BT a few weeks back, so many said “it’s illegal to touch it”. I cannot believe people listen to such rubbish. Anyway the workmanship by Openreach was so terrible I had no choice other than to do it myself. Great write up.

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      Theres nothing worst than seeing wires on show when they can be easily hidden. Best of luck. Bob

  3. I need to move my master socket (now on windowsill). But the outside supply cable is not long enough to move socket near to skirting. How can I use a new continuous longer length of supply cable?

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      You would need to get some external grade telephone cabling & a waterproof joint to extend it.
      Better than that if you’re London or Essex bound, give us a call.
      Thanks Bob.

  4. Hi Bob, my master socket is in the hallway & I also have an extension socket behind my TV but when i connect my router to it, it doesn’t work. Can you kindly advise.

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      Thanks for your enquiry. You may have an SSFP socket in the hallway (Service specific Front Plate). It’s a socket that stops the broadband from continuing down the line. Email a pic of the hallway socket & I can advise. Best regards.

  5. I want drill a hole for curtains but my master socket is in the way. It’s a 5c mk4 and I need to drill about a foot above it. Does the wiring in wall run down to the ground or up through the ceiling? Many thanks

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      Hi, sorry I would have no way of knowing how the original cable was put in. It could go either way. When installing a BT master socket to your premise you can generally see the cabling come from outside to in. If you have a “new build” then generally an electrician or builder will run the cabling of which becomes your property. If it is fitted into the wall, you could undo the retaining screws of the telephone socket and see which way the cables run. Thanks for your enquiry.

  6. If I am wanting to move my master socket who do I use would it be an electrician? Or someone more specific to phone lines etc? Thank you in advance.

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      Hi Leanne – Why would you use an electrician?? Would you use a gardener makes as much sense?
      Always use the skilled trade:
      A telephone engineer will be able to test your connection on completion. A telephone engineer will have the correct tools.
      A telephone engineer will know how to correct any related broadband problems to give you the best speeds possible.

      An electrician does electrics not communications.

  7. Thanks for a good and honest post Bob. Our master socket is near window sill in the corner of the house and also extended internally to a tv connection point. Now while both are in living room, we struggle with wifi signal at fsr corners of the house. So ideal place would be near entrance porch to put a router, as its in center of the house. The best way to do this would be to extend the wire externally and move the socket. So hopfully entire house gets enough signal. Please advice.

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      Hi Sid: All housing construction is different, thicker walls, foiled insulation etc.- Wifi signals in general, if sent from a central point in the building are transmitted more efficiently around the area. Saying that though, it will depend on the size of your property. Wifi isn’t infinite – It has a send & receive range.
      Yes is the answer to your question: At the incoming point of the BT wire, install a new comms wire to the new location. If the wire is to be used externally get an external grade wire.

  8. Hi, my original socket was in my hallway & when I went with BT a few years ago they suggested I use the socket in my bedroom as the main socket, as at the time my PC was in the bedroom. Since then I have left BT and want my socket in the hallway to be the master. Everything we use that needs WiFi is downstairs.
    When I asked a Sky employee about this he said “BT had done something to my socket and I’d have to stick with using the one upstairs.
    This causes issues when we all need the internet at the same time.
    Can you please advise?

    Many thanks Alison

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      Hi Alison – This can be easily rectified. The Sky employee is not a telephone engineer.
      Any local Ex-BT engineer would be able to do this for you quite easily.
      Have you tried finding a local ex BT engineer? What area are you in?

      Try here: http://ex-btengineer.co.uk/

      Lets get it sorted for you – If you need any assistance in finding someone, let know via email: btengineerlondon@gmail.com

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